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The Indian Kitchen Lounge has much going for it. Located in the heart of Amstelveen, it offers the perfect setting for an aperitif or snack before dinner, a chai or coffee with friends before the cinema, or as a charming, informal place to relax between business meetings. Here, cool dutch minimalism meets contrasts from enchanting India which is also reflected on the drinks front where all the old favourites make an appearance along with delicious Indian specialities such as smooth Lassies, authentic Indian beers, and delicious alcohlic & non-alcoholic drinks with a twist of exotic fruits, roots, and spices.

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Order your favourite drink at our Lounge Bar or try one of our signature drinks!

Mango Mojito – rum, limefruits, mint, mango, cane sugar, topped w. soda

Kamasutra – vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime

Ginger Cosmo – vodka, lime, and ginger ale.

Spicy Mangotini – Absolut mango, pepper, lemon, mango puree, jalapenos

Mango Lassi – indian yoghurt drink with fresh mangos

Chai Latte – indian chai tea

Machiato – mocca shot with milk